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Book Review: Puppet Shows by Michael Frissore


Review by Kassidy Klinesmith
My Rating: 2 1_2 Star
Where I got it: ARC copy from author
Where you can get it: Puppet Shows

The collection of short stories, Puppet Shows by Michael Frissore was not quite to my tastes. It had an amusing sort of randomness well suited to some readers but not to all. However, the writing is easy to understand and the character names and ideas are all very original.

The organization of the stories within themselves had little to no correlation with each other which gave it a rapid pace. It also cancelled out the traces of sense left in the pieces, but it is also what gave them a sort of amusing and somewhat childish fiction sort of charm. They seemed almost as if they were running by dream logic. The twists and changes through each plot were so sudden, it almost seemed as if you were reading a completely different story. It has a wacky taste that,unfortunately, did not fit into my mouth well.

The stories were off the wall and far-fetched, which is what gave them their complete originality. I had never read anything along theses lines before and it made them almost charming. The character’s names were well thought out. It fit to have oddly shaped stories with oddly named characters. The ideas are all very interesting, and it makes me curious as to where he came up with such off the wall story lines.

Just because they were not to my tastes doesn’t mean they aren’t for others. If you enjoy dreamy, silly sort of humor this collection would be a nice addition to your library. You read more on Michael’s blog

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