Black Feather Editorial Services


“Black Feather Editorial did a fantastic job on my first PNR cover for my first PNR novel. They nailed exactly what I had in mind, as well as my branding and branding future books in the series. They were professional and easy to work with, it made the entire process enjoyable. They asked the right questions in order to get exactly what I wanted to portray in the cover. Black Feather Editorial impressed me and I will absolutely use them again for book covers.” ~ Author Casey Clipper

“Black Feather made me several beautiful covers and has helped me on several manuscripts. Their insights and editorial services have been fantastic!” – Codi Gary, Author of Things Good Girls Don’t Do

Services offered:

Critique – $50-150 (based on length)

The Critique is best for someone who wants input based on a partial manuscript or finds themselves stuck and unsure how to proceed. A critique includes a 3-5 page overview of your manuscript from one editor which will include suggestions and input on overarching conflicts, plot, characterization.

Overview Edits – $.005-.01/word

The Overview Edits will include a full read-through of your manuscript and will include suggestions of the conflicts, plot and characterization as well as give suggestions for plot development, deeper characterization and voice/tone of your work. It will include more specific details in the 5-7 page overview report. You choose whether it is from 1 or 2 editors

Developmental Edits – $.02-.03/word

The Developmental Edits include everything from the Overview Edits but will also include line editing in your manuscript (via “track changes” so that you can keep or reject edits…this is YOUR book after all), focus on the pacing and flow as well as the cohesiveness of your manuscript. It will include the 5-7 page report as well as comments within the manuscript. You choose whether you want 1 or 2 editors to work on it.

Query/Synopsis Critique – $10-50 (based on length)

Book Blurb (Back copy) – $10

We will either edit your book blurb to make it stand out or, create your book blurb for you (with your input) if we have completed either Overview or Developmental edits

Book Blurb – $25

We will write your book blurb for you, even if we haven’t done your edits. (We need to see a 1 page synopsis for this option.)

Digital Media

Pre-made E-Book Covers – $50-100 each

You may selected from any of our pre-made ebook covers. Once a cover is chosen, it will be removed from sale so you never have to worry about someone buying the same cover from us again. Price will be listed below the cover selections.

Custom E-Book Covers – $100-300

We will work with you to create the book cover of your dreams. We know how important your vision is, as the author. We will provide you with several options based off your desires. Once you select your choice, you will be able to make changes up to three times before the final cover is complete.

Print and E-book Covers – $200-450

You will received either the pre-made e-book cover with a print cover or your custom cover with print cover.

Banners/Teasers/Other Digital Media Advertising – $ Price varies

Be sure to contact us for price packages. Because the amount of advertising media needed is different for every author, it’s difficult to give a specific amount. One author may need a single banner while another needs three banners (eg. Facebook, Twitter and webpage) along with four teasers for each book. We can put together a package to suit your needs as well as a la carte.