Where can we find your books?

All books by T.J. Kline are available at all online retailers and can be located either on the sidebar on the right side of every page or you can click here to find T.J. Kline’s Avon Author page.

Who is Tina Klinesmith?

Tina Klinesmith is the alter-ego of T.J. Kline for any book that falls under the genre of inspirational fiction.

Can I get a signed copy of your books?

It is possible to get signed copies of T.J.’s books, if they are available in print. But you must contact her directly via the contact form at the bottom of this page or via email for instructions. All signed books must be purchased via PayPal.

Are you on other social media/book sites?

T.J. is available on a variety of social media and book sites but the main ones she uses are listed throughout this website. The most often used are:


Can you talk with my book club/group?

Tina is available to speak with book clubs and groups via Skype or a live conference call on TalkShoe. In rare circumstances, she is available for travel to events. Please contact T.J. directly using the form below for more information on having her speak to your group.

Can you come to an event?

Again, being a parent and author, T.J.’s schedule is often very full and booked well in advance; however, there are some circumstances where she would be able to attend events. Please contact her via the form below to discuss your needs and event. You can also find a list of events she is attending on the Events Page

Can you review my book?

T.J. does review books from time to time but is not available for review requests at this time.