Rebuilding the Temple: Revolutionary Health Change



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Release Date: 11/18/2012
Non-fiction – Health and Fitness

Tired of diets that you can’t stick to? Sick of exercising and getting nowhere? Have you prayed about it?

God has a plan for your health but too many temptations and fads have crowded out the common sense approach He designed. Using God’s Word, Rebuilding the Temple will not only give you an easy to follow plan for true fitness and health, but will help you tailor it to fit your lifestyle. This will be the last plan you need to get yourself fit – physically and spiritually!

Tina Klinesmith knows the struggle of being overweight and how God can help you find victory. Using her own experiences losing over 100 pounds as well as the results that hundreds have obtained from this plan, you can make a revolutionary health transformation.

“Inspirational coach, friend and mentor. Tina is always there whether I’m contemplating skipping a workout or eating something I shouldn’t. She’s taught me balance and that nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.” Krystle Blue, Singer/Songwriter,

“Tina is inspiring and encouraging. She taught me to eat right and exercise regularly. When I first met her I could only do 3 push-ups and barely run a quarter mile. Now I can do over 100 push-ups and run several miles. She changed my life and I am grateful for all her help.” April C.